How Can Linda’s Blog Serve YOU?

Those of us who know Linda know what a tremendously supportive and inspirational figure she is in our lives. There is no reason, then, that her incredible lessons of optimism and self-betterment should not be disseminated on the internet.

With this intention in mind, we are proud to announce the Surprise Enterprise blog!
Though Linda will be balancing the blog with her many other obligations at SJSU and otherwise, we hope that this blog will become a useful and educational resource, both for those who have been touched by Linda personally, and those who have yet to be.

How can this blog meet it’s goal? We hope to hear from you!
Stay tuned,

3 Responses to How Can Linda’s Blog Serve YOU?

  1. Sandy Meyer says:

    Your contact page has no way to contact you…looks like an error on the page.
    I am a clown named “Rainbow” and I thought I had the domain name “” but when I type it in, it directs to your website Do you also own the domain name “”? Please reply so we can discuss. THANK YOU!

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