Leadership Development

Corporate Social Responsibility and Bonding


As established experts in corporate team building, we’re thrilled to see that the latest trend, Corporate Kindness and Social Responsibility, is more than a passing fad.  Our specialty is making it fun and weaving the given group activity into the …

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Creative Corporate Team Building


Are you looking for expertly delivered team building activities and events targeting your desired goals? We can help you manage change in your company, reduce stress, introduce new initiatives, improve communication,  let your customers know how valued they are, and say ‘thank-you’ to …

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Diversity: Sensitivity Training


  Changes in the U.S. and global workforce have brought new challenges and opportunities for businesses. In order to realize the greatest competitive advantage and retain the most qualified employees, organizations must make an effort to ensure that a culture …

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Don’t Flush the Goldfish: Education around Grief and Loss


We try to shield our children from grief and loss, but it’s all around them.  A tree loses its leaves, a friend moves away, a pet dies, a grandparent dies. Learn what the experts say to do and what not …

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Huh…What Did You Say? Communication Tools for the Toolkit


“People listen to what you know when they know you are listening!” Understanding and knowledge of your body language, gestures,  active listening skills, and public speaking techniques,  will help you win friends and influence people. Come for the fun, leave …

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls: The Art of Public Speaking


Forty two percent of the American population lists public speaking as their number one fear. This workshop will help demystify and demagnify the stress of communicating your message. You will identify methods to increase delivery effectiveness while finding your unique …

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The Wacky Olympics: Cooperative Group Games


These zany activities are for children, teens and adults. This workshop gives a real twist to traditional games like relays, spoon races, parachute games, three-legged races, and frisbee. It includes the best of those but adds arts,  drama, science,  and so …

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