Interactive Lectures

Don’t Flush the Goldfish: Education around Grief and Loss


We try to shield our children from grief and loss, but it’s all around them.  A tree loses its leaves, a friend moves away, a pet dies, a grandparent dies. Learn what the experts say to do and what not …

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Humor for the Health of it

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Do you quietly chuckle with your hand over your mouth, or groan, or giggle or let out chandelier-rattling howls?  What messages have you received about your laughter or sense of humor? Come learn why humor really is the best medicine …

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls: The Art of Public Speaking


Forty two percent of the American population lists public speaking as their number one fear. This workshop will help demystify and demagnify the stress of communicating your message. You will identify methods to increase delivery effectiveness while finding your unique …

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