Theme Events

Corporate Social Responsibility and Bonding


As established experts in corporate team building, we’re thrilled to see that the latest trend, Corporate Kindness and Social Responsibility, is more than a passing fad.  Our specialty is making it fun and weaving the given group activity into the …

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Sensational Scrapbooking


When all else is gone, we still have our memories. Children, teens, parents, and seniors know the thrill of reviewing a special time through a photograph. Learn skills, resources, and cost-cutting measures to bring your memories to life through the …

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Spooky Cards for Halloween


It’s Halloween but don’t be afraid! We’re be having such fun using hand made paper, rubber stamps, stickers, dye-cuts of holiday symbols and more. This will be spooktacular fun and you will leave with cards to send your friends and …

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The Wacky Olympics: Cooperative Group Games


These zany activities are for children, teens and adults. This workshop gives a real twist to traditional games like relays, spoon races, parachute games, three-legged races, and frisbee. It includes the best of those but adds arts,  drama, science,  and so …

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Vivacious Valentines


T’is the season for cupid but also for letting all those you hold dear know that you care. Come make unique and care filled valentines for your friends, families, teachers and more. 

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