Game Leadership

Creative Corporate Team Building


Are you looking for expertly delivered team building activities and events targeting your desired goals? We can help you manage change in your company, reduce stress, introduce new initiatives, improve communication,  let your customers know how valued they are, and say ‘thank-you’ to …

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Dynamic Game Leadership!


Let’s Party! Want to toss some water balloons or have some goofy games at your event this summer? Linda (or Rainbow) provides the creative ideas, facilitation, and energy to get your people up and active so they can giggle and …

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Juggling 101


Ready to try something new and a little different? Come learn the basics of juggling in this fun and straight forward workshop. A favorite skill to learn for many Silicon Valley types, a fun addition to Wellness Fairs and a …

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The Wacky Olympics: Cooperative Group Games


These zany activities are for children, teens and adults. This workshop gives a real twist to traditional games like relays, spoon races, parachute games, three-legged races, and frisbee. It includes the best of those but adds arts,  drama, science,  and so …

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