Parenting Workshops

Communication with Kids: Focus, Firmness and Fairness


Communication with children is a continuum from hugs and smiles to door slams and tears. Whether your child has been easy or kicking since the womb, you know that communication can begin as calm, cool and collected and before long …

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Creative Grownups, Creative Kids


Are you the most creative person that you know? Creativity is the process of combining known factors into new relationships to produce new results: a new product, a new way of thinking or perceiving, a new way of behaving or …

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Don’t Flush the Goldfish: Education around Grief and Loss


We try to shield our children from grief and loss, but it’s all around them.  A tree loses its leaves, a friend moves away, a pet dies, a grandparent dies. Learn what the experts say to do and what not …

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Family Ritual: The Making of “Us”

childrem dancing

Kids love traditions and rituals because they foster a sense of belonging and security. We know that most children thrive on routine, so family rituals add depth to those desires for structure. Sure, those Labor Day barbecues or Thanksgiving gatherings …

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Getting Organized with Children


If this title caught your attention, then you probably have a desire to control the chaos and conquer the clutter that seems to be taking over your life. Like over 80% of people in the USA, you worry that you …

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Money Management and Kids


Has your child ever thrown a temper tantrum at the check register when you said “no” to a candy bar or little toy?  If so, you are not alone.  Most parents have experienced these frustrating moments when they are tempted …

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Raising Ethical and Spiritual Children


Ethics and Spirituality are essential components of the healthy person, yet parents seldom are given information or support in raising these issues with their children. In this workshop parents and educators will learn what children in the early years know …

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Sassy Science and Hands-on Play


More than fifty easy process-oriented activities for children and teens that expand creativity and celebrate learning by doing. Most adults say they learn too! “I hear, and I forget.  I see, and I remember. I do, and I understand.” – …

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They’re Out of Control! What Do I Do?: Sensitive Discipline for Long-Term Success


Is your home feeling a little chaotic lately? Does at least one of your children push your buttons sometimes? Are you struggling to keep your children on track using the sensitive discipline you philosophically believe is the right choice? You …

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